Probate and Estate Appraisals

Not all assets need to be appraised, however significant assets such as real estate are required to undergo the appraisal process when they transition into probate. We know how important it is to know the value of a home and how this can be a confusing time. Our experts at Advanced Appraisals ease complex experiences such as probate appraisals by providing a simplified, smooth process when it comes to managing your estate. Advanced Appraisal Services ensures that your Residential Appraisal Report contains everything necessary to process the sale or transfer it through the courts. We are court approved for Estate Appraisals.

Because many aspects go into the probate process, you need someone knowledgeable and expertly trained on every step. We are confident in our credentials, methodology, and years of experience in probate and estate appraisals. Our commitment is to help you streamline what can be a complicated process for many people. We work tirelessly to provide the precise information and documentation our clients need.

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