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Dividing up a home during a divorce can be an emotional process. Advanced Appraisal Services knows how difficult this time can be for you, so we make sure the appraisal process goes smoothly every step of the way. A home appraisal during divorce cases is an essential step, although a complicated one. Smaller, more personal assets tend to be less stressful of a conversation when it comes to deciding on how to divide them. When it comes time to assess a couple’s most significant financial assets, such as a house, it can become a more stressful situation. We work with our clients to create an experience that minimizes stress and puts you at ease.

You should hire an appraiser who is an expert in divorce case appraisals to receive the best customer experience that provides a transparent and objective valuation. Our divorce case appraisal experts can offer the objective assessment needed to assure that joint real estate is separated fairly and at an accurate valuation. We’ll handle all of the essential details, such as determining current property values and retrospective appraisals from significant dates – like time of marriage or property purchase. Then we’ll deliver an objective and accurate valuation of real estate holdings.

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